Custom Wooden Shipping Crates & Boxes

Ship, store, and protect your valuable products with our custom-made shipping crates and wood boxes.

Michigan Industrial Container is a container supplier and full-service container repair facility located in West Michigan. Since 2016, we’ve grown to include heat-treated custom wood crates and boxes in our services offered.

By offering custom wood crate solutions and rapid turnaround times, we can serve our customers both better and faster than our competitors!

Need to protect your products for domestic or international shipping? See why our wooden shipping crates are a perfect option!

Heat-Treated, ISPM-15 Certified

Suitable for a wide variety of products, lightweight to heavy-duty


Easy to handle

Custom built to your specs

Custom-Built Wood Products

Custom Crates, Built to Specs

From small wood boxes to large shipping crates, we build custom wooden crates to your specifications to accommodate your products. We work closely with your team to meet shipping requirements, provide you with what you need, and ultimately streamline the shipping process for your business.

Get Wooden Crates Built to your Specifications

Wooden Pallet Collars

Need a pallet with sides? Our wood pallet collars allow you to have a custom-depth crate added to your pallet! Our pallet collars can be constructed to be versatile, expandable, reusable, and shippable both domestically and internationally.


Wooden Crate Kits

Disassembled wooden shipping box kit

Ordering wooden crates as kits allows you to save space at your facilities and during shipping. Our wooden shipping crate kits are quick and easy to assemble whenever you’re ready to use them. We can deliver crates either collapsed or pre-built.


Open Slat Wooden Crates

Open-slat crates or skeleton crates provide partial protection, visibility, and ventilation while shipping and storing your products more cost-effectively. We custom-build your slat crates to whatever dimensions your products require.


Interior Customization: Dunnage, Dividers, & Inserts

In addition to custom shipping crates, let us know how we can modify your crates to prepare them for product shipping. We provide solutions for dunnage, inserts, foam padding, wood blocks, and more for support and stability for your products.

Wooden Shipping Crate Delivery

MIC offers delivery services for our customers from our facility in Grand Rapids! Send us a message below for more information.

Partnering with MIC: Unmatched Time Savings, Convenience, and Customer Care

Wooden crates provide a great shipping option for our customers for their lightweight to heavy-duty deliveries. Our customers love our:

Ease of Service

You’ll never have a hard time communicating with us and getting the results you need right away. We strive to make your job easier by accommodating to what you need, where you need it. We’re willing to travel wherever you need us!

Quick Response Time

At MIC, we’re all about fast responses and quick turnaround. What takes other companies multiple weeks to get to, we’ll help you within a few days.

Cost & Time Savings

As a business, you’re always actively looking for the best solution to keep your operations running efficiently without a hitch—at the best possible price. Send us a message and see the different areas you can save on repairs, freight, employees’ time, and company downtime with our repair and custom wood crate services.

Personable Experience

We build close relationships with our customers that they can’t find anywhere else. This has allowed us to retain all our customers, provide them with regular repairs at their location, and maintain a happy customer base.

See how easy it is to meet your goals at the best price with a fast turnaround. Send us a message today for your free quote!

Complete Container and Crate Supply, Service, and Repair

In addition to wood shipping crates, we offer metal repairs and bulk plastic container services both at your location and at our repair facility in Kent County. We pride ourselves on helping our customers with whatever container, packaging, storage, and shipping solutions they need.

Get in contact with us about your specific need by calling 616-916-3180 or sending us a message.

Service Areas: Wooden Shipping Crates, Crate Delivery, & Repair Near Me

Our shop is fully equipped to provide you with wooden storage crates, ready-to-build crate kits, and other industrial shipping crates and containers. We are located at 7441 Division Ave S Suite C, Grand Rapids, MI 49548.

We also travel to deliver wood crates to your location within a 200-mile radius of our Grand Rapids facility. This allows us to service businesses in and around:


Wooden shipping crates can be used for shipping or storage of a variety of products. They provide both protection and security at your facilities and during transportation.

Yes, wooden shipping crates can be reused multiple times. They are designed to withstand the rigors of local and overseas transportation and can be used for multiple shipments, reducing waste and costs for your business.

Wooden shipping crates have many advantages—they’re customizable, strong, durable, and resistant to external forces. This makes them a perfect solution for storing and protecting fragile or valuable items.

Yes, wooden shipping crates can be customized to accommodate specific items. They can be designed and built according to precise dimensions, ensuring a proper fit and maximum protection during transportation.

Yes, wood shipping crates can be transported internationally. Our custom-built wooden shipping crates and boxes comply with ISPM-15 regulations, which require crates to be properly heat treated to prevent the spread of pests and diseases across international borders.

Your wooden crates and boxes can usually be repaired if the damage is minor—we can install replacement parts or reinforce/rebuild damaged sections. If the damage is extensive, replacing the entire crate may be necessary. You can send us a message below with photos for any repair inquiries.

 Feel free to ask us any questions about your shipping and storage needs. You can call us at 616-916-3180 or send us a message online.

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