Export-Ready Packaging: Heat Treated-Wood Crates & Boxes

Our custom wood crates and boxes are designed for the rigors of international shipping, ensuring your products meet global shipping standards and arrive safely at their destination.

Comprehensive Compliance with International Shipping Regulations

Over 80 foreign countries have adopted the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM-15), a shipping regulation that requires all wooden crates be heat treated to prevent the spread of pests and bacteria. 

At Michigan Industrial Container, all of our wood packaging solutions are compliant with ISPM-15 standards, ensuring your international shipping crates are pest-free, sterilized, and export-ready.

Heat Treatment: Your Guarantee of Compliance and Safety

Our wood packaging is heat-treated to a core temperature of 133° F (56°C) for a minimum of 30 minutes, eliminating pests and bacteria. This treatment is globally recognized and ensures your shipments are accepted worldwide without delay.

ISPM-15 Stamp: Global Standard for Safe Wood Packaging

All of our wood crates, boxes, and pallet collars feature the ISPM-15 stamp, certifying they have undergone the required treatment and meet international shipping requirements.

Custom-Built Solutions for Every Shipping Requirement

From standard to custom heat-treated crates and boxes, we provide tailored wood packaging solutions to meet the unique needs of your business. Trust us to protect your products, no matter where they’re headed.

Custom Heat-Treated Crates

Get heat-treated wood crates built to your exact specifications. Whether you’re looking for a small wood crate or a large shipping crate, we’ll work with your team to ensure you get the right size for your products.

Wooden Crate Kits

Save space at your facility or while shipping, domestically or internationally, with our heat-treated wooden crate kits. Get wooden crate kits that are easy to assemble and easy to store until you need them. 

Pallets & Pallet Collars

Looking for a more efficient packaging and exporting solution? With custom depths, our heat-tretaed pallet collars can be stacked securely, allowing more items to fit on a single pallet. Get pallet collars that are versatile, expandable, reusable, and shippable both domestically and internationally.

Open Slat Wooden Crates

Looking for a crate with better visibility and ventilation? Our heat-treated, open-slat crates are perfect, offering a more cost-effective shipping solution and reliable protection. We’ll work with your team to custom-build your open-slat crate to whatever size your products need. 

Export Your Shipments Safely and Securely with Heat-Treated Wood Packaging.

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Service Areas: Heat-Treated Shipping Crates, Crate Delivery, & Crate Repair Near Me

Get heat-treated shipping crates, wooden storage crates, ready-to-build crate kits, and wooden pallet collars at Michigan Industrial Container. Find us at 7441 Division Ave S Suite C, Grand Rapids, MI 49548.

We also deliver heat-treated wood crates to your location within a 200-mile radius of our Grand Rapids facility. This allows us to service businesses in and around:


Yes, wood shipping crates can be transported internationally. Our custom-built wooden shipping crates and boxes comply with ISPM-15 regulations, which require crates to be properly heat treated to prevent the spread of pests and diseases across international borders.

Heat-treated wood is lumber that has been heated to a core temperature of 133° F (56°C) for a minimum of 30 minutes, eliminating pests and bacteria for export-ready packaging.

The primary symbol on the ISPM-15 stamp is the stalk of wheat that has the letters “IPPC” inside of it. “IPPC” stands for the “International Plant Protection Convention.” The stamp also includes a two-letter country code (like US for the United States), a unique facility code or ID, and the type of treatment (like HT for heat treatment). 

Exporting without ISPM-15-approved wood packaging could result in costly fines, returned shipments, or confiscation and destruction of your freight.  

You can reuse your ISPM-15-certified crates as long as they have not been repaired or remanufactured. In the case that your wood crate is damaged and needs to be repaired, it would require recertification and a new stamp. 

Your wooden crates and boxes can usually be repaired if the damage is minor—we can install replacement parts or reinforce/rebuild damaged sections. If the damage is extensive, replacing the entire crate may be necessary. You can send us a message below with photos for any repair inquiries.

 Feel free to ask us any questions about your shipping and storage needs. You can call us at 616-916-3180 or send us a message online.