Complete Plastic Bulk Container Services

Buy, Sell, Repair, or Recycle Your Plastic Containers with MIC!

Michigan Industrial Container is a container supplier and full-service container repair facility located in West Michigan. Since 2016, we’ve offered complete plastic container repair and have grown with our satisfied customer base to offer a wide range of shipping solutions from container repair to rental and recycling.

Buy, Sell, and Rent Bulk Plastic Containers

Looking for used plastic bulk containers for sale? We sell and lease plastic containers and pallets for both short-term and long-term shipping solutions for your business. Check out our inventory or get in touch with us to check our full product availability.

Do you have knockdown containers you don’t use anymore? We buy unused, used, obsolete, or broken plastic containers! Send us a message below or give us a call to start freeing up space at your facilities.

Bulk Plastic Container Repairs

At Michigan Industrial Container, you’ll find the easiest, most flexible container repair services—we cater to your needs whatever they may be.

We repair containers of all major brands, including Orbis, Ropak, Monoflo, Xytec, and more. We repair a variety of OEM plastic knockdown container models including SB09, SB31, SB43, SB67, and more.

Our repair services include:

  • Replacing doors, walls, handles, latches, and runners
  • Repairing broken bases
  • Repairing cracks with plastic welding or adhesive bonding
  • Corner reinforcement
  • Surface refurbishment
  • And more!

We repair plastic containers in these common sizes:

  • 45x48x34
  • 45x48x25
  • 56x48x34
  • 64x48x34
  • 30x32x34
  • 30x32x25
  • And more!

Repair Services

Michigan Industrial Container employees perform bulk plastic container repairs on containers with dunnage.

A quick turnaround is key to your success—and our onsite services make repair easy, fast, and affordable so that you don’t have to wait weeks to get what you need. On average, we can get 50-100 containers repaired for you in a day. 

We’re ready to build a long-lasting relationship with you and your company to form a regular, stress-free schedule of repairs each month so you can meet your goals. 

We’ve repaired plastic containers across Michigan from Grand Rapids, to Detroit, to Lansing. We’ll travel wherever you need us in Michigan to get the job done. Send us a message with a few of the details, and let’s get started!

Repairs at our Facility

Stacks of plastic shipping containers, ready for purchase or lease

We also repair plastic bulk bins and containers at our shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We have the capacity to perform anything from individual repairs to high-volume repairs for your fleet. 

In addition to plastic container repairs, we offer metal repairs and custom wood crate services both at your location and at our repair facility in Kent County.

Our Container Repair Process



First, we perform a 3-step inspection of the containers—base, doors, and handles.



We separate repairable and scrap containers.



We cannibalize scrap containers for reusable parts, and replace runners as needed.


Final Inspection

We double-check to make sure the base, doors, and handles of all repairable containers are in working order to ensure containers are repaired to your specification parameters.


Clean Up

We stack all repaired containers and take away all scrap containers.

Scrap Recycling & Other Plastic Container Services

As a partner to your business for container repairs, we are able to provide a variety of related plastic container services including obsolete dunnage removal, scrap container disposal, bulk container recycling, cleaning and painting, modification, onsite programs, and site organization. 

We’re happy to be a complete resource for all your needs relating to plastic containers and shipping for your team.

Stacks of plastic containers, ready to be repaired or shipped out

Partnering with MIC: Unmatched Time Savings, Convenience, and Customer Care

We’ve repaired thousands of plastic bulk containers, metal containers, and wood crates at our facility and at locations across the state of Michigan. Our customers love our:

Ease of Service

You’ll never have a hard time communicating with us and getting the results you need right away. We strive to make your job easier by accommodating to what you need, where you need it. We’re willing to travel wherever you need us!

Quick Response Time

At MIC, we’re all about fast responses and quick turnaround. What takes other companies multiple weeks to get to, we’ll help you within a few days.

Cost & Time Savings

As a business, you’re always actively looking for the best solution to keep your operations running efficiently without a hitch—at the best possible price. Send us a message and see the different areas you can save on repairs, freight, employees’ time, and company downtime with our bulk container repair services.

Personable Experience

We build close relationships with our customers that they can’t find anywhere else. This has allowed us to retain all our customers, provide them with regular repairs at their location, and maintain a happy customer base.

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Bulk Plastic Container Repair Near Me

Our shop is fully equipped to repair your industrial containers. We are located at 7441 Division Ave S Suite C, Grand Rapids, MI 49548.

We also travel to perform onsite container repair at your location within a 200-mile radius of our Grand Rapids facility. This allows us to repair plastic bulk containers for businesses in and around:


Most plastic containers can be repaired. We cannibalize good parts from scrap containers in order to repair others and return them to your fleet and leave you with whole, usable containers. Any containers that are not repairable we remove for recycling. To inquire about your plastic containers, you can send us a message below and include photos if desired.

Yes, MIC is insured with general liability insurance and workers comp.

Yes, our team is forklift certified to operate a forklift at your location and at our shop.

The number of plastic containers we can repair in a day and how long a repair project takes depends on a few different variables, like the number of containers you have and forklift availability. With our onsite repair services, we can repair 50-100 in a day. For a more concrete time estimate, send us a message below.

Typically, we can schedule an onsite repair visit within a week or two of your call. Our schedule may allow for sooner onsite service calls where emergencies necessitate.

Need assistance? Call our Sales department.