We sort and repair to your specifications, we cannibalize good parts from scrap containers in order to repair others and return them to your fleet. We leave you with whole, usable containers, and remove scrap for recycling. Below is the 5 step process we use for repairs.

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Our Process



3 step inspection of containers—base, doors, and handles



Separate repairable and scrap containers.



Cannibalize scrap containers for reusable parts, replace runners as needed.


Final Inspection

Double check to make sure base, doors, and handles of all repairable containers are in working order to ensure containers are repaired to your specification parameters.


Clean Up

Stack all repaired containers and take away all scrap containers

Related Services

Onsite Container Repair

We are fully insured to repair your broken containers on-site at your facility. With on-site repairs comes flexibility, accountability, and a quick turnaround time.

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If on-site repairing doesn’t work for you, we can make repairs at our facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Dunnage Removal

Do you have containers with dunnage for parts you don’t make anymore? We offer dunnage removal, leaving you with a clean, usable container.

Scrap Container Disposal

We can save you from filling your dumpster with scrap! We recycle any unusable parts and give you a credit that can be invested back into your container program.

Site Organization

Let us organize your storage area to help make your shipping system more efficient.

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