Steel Shipping Rack & Automotive Rack Modification

Extend the life of your shipping racks with modification, refurbishment, and re-labeling.

When your part specifications get updated, your dunnage becomes unusable, or you need better safety measures for your products, rely on Michigan Industrial Container to get your shipping racks back into service.

As a local Michigan business, we offer complete repair and modification services for steel, aluminum, and metal returnable packaging products.

Shipping Rack Modification Services

Reuse your shipping rack fleet and return your shipping racks to service with our modification and refurbishment services!

Our modification services include:

  • Modifications for Production Changes / New Part Programs
  • Building According to Modified Rack Designs
  • Matching New Racks to Current Rack Fleet
  • Repair/Modification of Faulty Construction
  • Revised Handling Methods
  • Steel/Metal Dunnage
  • Addition of Steel Reinforcements to Wood Shipping Crates
  • Modifications for Reuse of Existing Rack/Container Stock

Shipping Rack Modification with Michigan Industrial Container

Evaluation of Current Rack Fleet.

We inspect and assess the condition of your rack fleet and identify where repairs and modifications are needed.

Cleaning, Repairs, and Modifications.

We perform all necessary refurbishment and modification according to our inspection and your specifications. We dispose of old racking components no longer needed.

Finishing, Relabeling, and Re-Stenciling.

We finish and touch up paint on any modified portions, strip it clean of obsolete labeling and re-stencil with updated labeling as needed.

Return Rack Fleet to Service.

When you’re ready to return your racks to service, we ship all modified racks to you, with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Shipping Rack Re-Labeling & Re-Stenciling

Running a new program or using your shipping products at a new location? We’ll modify and stencil your racks with updated site codes and labels.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Shipping Racks

Optimize Your Operational Efficiency

Recycle & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Repurpose & Save on Manufacturing Costs

Quality Service with a Quick Turnaround

Partner with Michigan Industrial Container

MIC repairs, refurbishes, and modifies shipping racks, automotive racks, pin pallets, steel bins, wire baskets, and steel products to meet your production needs.

Our shop is fully equipped to refurbish and modify your metal products including collapsible racking, shipping racks, stack racks, steel dunnage, and more. We are located at 7441 Division Ave S Suite C, Grand Rapids, MI 49548.

For unique circumstances, we are able to travel to perform repairs if your location is within a 200-mile radius of our Grand Rapids facility. This allows us to service businesses in and around: