Custom Steel Rack Fabrication & Manufacturing

As your production needs change or you acquire a new rack fleet, your returnable racks must be adapted for your products and your workflow. Our custom-build fabrication services are designed to create durable storage and shipping solutions that are unique to you, so that you can expect a long service life from these assets.

We build steel shipping racks, returnable steel packaging, and other steel products based on your design specifications.

**Michigan Industrial Container provides fabrication services and does not design or engineer shipping racks at this time.

Custom Builds Based on Your Unique Design

We custom fabricate your returnable racks and steel products including:

  • Custom Shipping Racks
  • Bag Racks
  • WIP Racks
  • Collapsible Racks / Folding Racks
  • Pipe Storage Racks
  • Automotive Racks
  • Storage Bins
  • Stack Racks / Stackable Racks
  • Portable Racks
  • And More!

Prototype Fabrication

Are you running a new program with a new rack design? We build prototypes to test your designs thoroughly before large-scale production. Send us your specs and get a quote on shipping rack prototype fabrication today.

Extend the lifespan of your obsolete shipping racks with our rack modification services.

Custom Dunnage Systems

We custom-build metal shipping racks and other metal products to provide the best solution for your application. This includes integrating custom dunnage systems to protect your parts as they are shipped between OEMs and suppliers.

  • Foam
  • Plastic
  • Cardboard
  • Metal Brackets/Supports
  • Strapping Materials
  • Custom Molded Dunnage (Polystyrene)
  • Textile/Fabric
  • Plastic Corrugate
  • And more!

Steel Rack Labeling & Stenciling

Running a new program or using your shipping products at a new location? We’ll fabricate and stencil your racks with updated site codes and labels.

Custom Built Returnable Racks for Your Industry

At MIC, we build custom solutions to see your products through the rigors of the shipping process. We work with businesses in Michigan across many industries, including:

Trust MIC for Custom-Built Rack Fleet Solutions

Michigan Industrial Container is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and provides complete returnable packaging solutions including bulk plastic containers, wood shipping crates, and shipping racks. Our repair and modification services are designed to give you the longest possible lifespan for your current assets.

Contact MIC to fabricate the perfect reusable shipping racks for your specifications.