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MIC offers a comprehensive program assessment of your needs and recommends a program involving repair, replacement, and recycling. MIC will make an initial assessment of your container program followed by recommending a comprehensive plan utilizing the options below.

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Industrial Container Services

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Onsite Container Repair

We are fully insured to repair your broken containers on-site at your facility. On-site repairs bring flexibility, accountability, and a quick turnaround time.


If on-site doesn't work for you we can repair at our Hudsonville, Michigan facility.

Wooden Crating

We design and build wooden crates for domestic and international shipping.

Dunnage Removal

Do you have containers with dunnage for parts you don’t make any more? We offer dunnage removal leaving you with a usable container.


You won’t lose dunnage when we repair your containers. All dunnage remains on-site and in the proper container, ready to be put back into your fleet.

Rack Repair

Bent, broken, or twisted racks? We offer comprehensive rack repair and retrofitting programs. Currently, all rack repair is done at our own facility.

Scrap Container Disposal

We save you from filling your dumpster with plastic scrap. We haul all scrap away, leaving your area neat and orderly.

MIC builds custom crating and boxes.

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